Bluepoint is a non-profit Open Source education and development center. It is the first organization in the Philippines to focus on Linux and Open Source training.
I took up Bluepoint's Total Linux course last 2002 and time and again, what I've learned are still relevant today. Why? The course was developed with security and performance in mind.

In less than two months, I was able to learn the best practices in setting up Linux as a server: installing Linux at a bare minimum; removing standard and unnecessary programs, files and folders; protecting critical files and folders; compiling server software and the Linux kernel from scratch with optimized settings and necessary features only; installing servers in a jailed environment; designing and implementing a paranoid firewall.

Aside from the hands on lecture, we also had the toughest practical and written exams.

This quality training helped me obtain a score of 100% in my RHCE exam last March 2005. The first person I thanked was of course, my instructor, Engels Antonio of Bluepoint Institute.

- Chivas Sicam
Senior Science Research Specialist
Advanced Badminton Techniques
Friday, Dec 23, 2005, 11:50 PM
Think Bluepoint instructors are nerds? Think again! Vip Malixi, for example, is an avid badminton player and coach. He even co-authored a book about one of his favorite sports. Here's his write-up about it:

Foreign publishers have not been able to come up with a good badminton book because they consider the badminton market to be not big enough to justify the cost of production. The cost of providing the needed number of photographs and illustrations, hiring a good layout artist, and a good writer will make production of such a book prohibitive.

Now a Filipino group composed of Butch Oreta and writer/layout artist Vip Malixi, have overcome the odds to produce "Advanced Badminton Techniques". Filled with step-by-step photographs and diagrams, former national-badminton-team coach and teaching-expert Butch Oreta and writer Vip Malixi reveal the secrets of world class players in this thorough yet easy-to-read, accessible book.

Readers will learn to do the different shots - the serve, the jump smash, the tumbling net drop, drives, pushes, etc. - just like the elite players. They'll find out the different psychological tactics to handle pressure situations; gain an impenetrable defense; learn the keys to greater stroke power, speed, control and deception.

"I've been playing approx 1.5 years now and I'm 28 years old. Before playing I had held a racquet maybe twice in my life so I was completely new to the sport. I play roughly 7 to 10 hours a week and devote an average of 2 to 3 hours of reading on the sport and have progressed to a level where I can at least competently compete with the "regulars" at one local club and have some respectable shots. I bought Butch & Vip's book last week (through a friend as I have no paypal account) and I would say that this book is fantastic, it was well worth the 30 dollars even for just an ebook and I would recommend any beginner or intermediate to advanced player pick it up. After reading through 4 times already I'm still picking up new bits of information and applying them to my game. I've noticed real improvement to my serve/backhand/tactics and am very thankful. Phenomenal job on this book!!!!" (From Halifax, England)

For easy learning, the book is an 8.5" by 11" trade paperback, in heavy glossy paper with over 180 pages of photographs, diagrams and illustrations.

"Advanced Badminton Techniques" by Butch Oreta and Vip Malixi is available in local bookstores and sporting good shops at PHP 450.