Software Cost Calculator

Computers are very important tools, whether you belong to a micro (1 to 9 workers), small (10 to 49 workers), medium (50 to 249 workers), or large (250 workers and above) enterprise. Organizations today enjoy the freedom to choose between commercial (and usually proprietary) software and Free & Open Source Software (FOSS). Find out how much software budget is needed to legally provide an operating system and office suite for each computer user in your company by changing the number below:

Operating system and office suite software cost options for 5 computer users:

User #1User #2User #3User #4User #5

A. Commercial Software
ProductUnit CostUnitsTOTAL

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro11,999559,995
Microsoft Office Home & Business 201616,999584,995
PHP 144,990

B. Free & Open Source Software
ProductUnit CostUnitsTOTAL

Libre Office2005200
PHP 500

Save PHP 144,490
Instead of spending PHP 144,990 to buy commercial software for 5 computer users, you can save PHP 144,490 by downloading Free & Open Source Software from the Internet for about PHP 500 or the cost of Internet access plus a writable DVD or USB flash drive. Savings can be used to buy more computers and other equipment, to improve the workplace, and to develop personnel through training programs such as Linux Express or Total Linux.

Unit costs of Microsoft Windows 10 Pro (PHP 11,999) and Microsoft Office Home & Business 2016 (PHP 16,999) are based on published rates at Microsoft Store as of August 2018. Unit cost of Linux (PHP 300) represents the cost of downloading your preferred Linux distribution from the Internet and creating the appropriate installation media. Unit cost of Libre Office (PHP 200) represents the cost of downloading it from the Internet. User avatar vector icons are courtesy of the Users Insights team.