About Us

Celebrating 25 Years of Open Source Advocacy, Education, and Development

Bluepoint is a non-profit Open Source education and development center. It is the first organization in the Philippines to focus on Linux and Open Source training.


Bluepoint seeks to be the primary institution focused on Linux and Open Source education based in the Philippines and recognized worldwide.

We started providing vendor-independent Linux training in 1999 with our Total Linux® course, which gradually revolved around the Red Hat Linux distribution - Red Hat being the global leader in developing, deploying and managing Linux and Open Source solutions.

In 2002, Bluepoint offered Red Hat's Linux training and acclaimed Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) programs throughout the Philippines as the official Red Hat Certified Training and Education Center (RHCTEC). At the time, RHCE was named one of IT industry's "10 Hottest Certifications" and ranked as the highest quality training and certification in IT.


We exist to enhance the IT skills of Filipinos by providing globally competitive Open Source education.

We do this by advocating, educating people in, and developing Open Source software through trainings, seminars, fund-raising events, research, and development.

We believe that Open Source provides the greatest degree of freedom in terms of operation as well as development. It is more cost effective and reliable than any proprietary software in the long term. We are committed to excellent service, innovation, diversity, creativity, honesty, and integrity. Our accountability is to God.


Mark Mayo
Saturday, 3 September 2005, 10:30 AM
149 words, 45-second read
We used to maintain our network's addresses on multiple spreadsheets. We have more than 500 networks, thousands of hosts, and servers in the hundreds. Nobody really knew what our network had because everybody kept their individual copies of Excel files.

By placing addresses into MySQL and providing a web interface to manage content, we no longer needed to work overtime consolidating files. Also, it gave our network operations group the autonomy to deploy new networks without going through a long-drawn (and often useless) committee process.

We're just beginning to appreciate the freedom Open Source provides. The next couple of months should be interesting; the applications of Open Source are apparent in every section of our network - from maintaining transmission networks to network management and application support and development. This wouldn't have been possible without Bluepoint.

Mark Mayo
Globe Telecom
Rucel Javier
Tuesday, 13 June 2006, 1:43 AM
251 words, 1-minute read
Enrolling and teaching at Bluepoint really enhanced my Linux skills, and it's never been the same after that. After taking the class I was tasked to setup and configure our Lotus Domino Mail server to run on top of Linux instead of using Microsoft Windows. And with the knowledge I gained from Bluepoint I installed the mail server with no problems.

Since I can't divulge the name of the companies due to non-disclosure agreements, I'll just tell you what industries they are in:

A company that I helped save money, initially intended for purchasing licenses for a proxy server, is located at the North Harbor in Manila. Here, I installed Red Hat Linux 6.2, configured firewall, proxy server and PPP protocol.

In another company that helps build houses for less fortunate people, I migrated MS Exchange to Postfix, installed firewall and proxy servers and helped them not to buy more Exchange licenses for additional users.

With these achievements of mine, I am proud to say that being a part of Bluepoint has helped me in my work and career. I became more valuable to the company and have helped companies save lots of money by using Linux.

Any individual who wants to change his or her work/life/career and become more valuable to the company must check out the courses offered by Bluepoint.

More power to Bluepoint! Thanks!

Rucel Javier
IBM Solutions Delivery
Warren Fukuichi
Thursday, 16 November 2006, 8:45 PM
67 words, 20-second read
Thank you so much for the training opportunity you gave us last year. We have been progressing very well. We have two labs in our only public school running on Fedora Core 5 LTSP. We also have three of our biggest grade schools doing the same thing. Our back end service is using Xen and FC5.

Warren Fukuichi
Palau Ministry of Education
Paul Magahis
Tuesday, 19 February 2013, 4:01 AM
91 words, 27-second read
Just a while ago, one of my students asked me if there was a possibility to automatically restart a specific service every time there was a modification done to a config file. I happily anwered, “THERE IS! INCRON (inotify cron) is the answer, my friend.”

Since incron is part of Fedora EPEL, installing it is a breeze. The student was amazed after I demonstrated some of its capabilities. Thanks to Master Engels, may naisagot ako sa student ko.

Paul Magahis
Jinky Eusebio
Tuesday, 5 May 2015, 3:10 AM
127 words, 38-second read
When I decided to learn about Open Source programs, I had no idea what I was getting into. All I knew then was that I needed a cheaper alternative to be used by my growing business. Learning Linux and PHP at Bluepoint opened more possibilities than I imagined!

Today, not only do I have Linux as the operating system for all my stores and server, I also have a very flexible and complete ERP all built on PHP and MySQL. I now have much more control of my business, even as it is expanding. Bluepoint has introduced me to a very powerful tool. I got so much more than what I bargained for!

Jinky Young Eusebio
1Rotary Trading Corporation
Alvin Abuke
Tuesday, 4 August 2015, 1:50 PM
207 words, 1-minute read
Time and opportunity shift for a reason!

Previously, we believed that proprietary software is far more sophisticated, advanced and stable than an Open Source platform. We were made to believe that quality products and services can only be provided by proprietary solutions.

Choosing Bluepoint as our training partner is probably the best recommendation I have made for Borland Development Corporation today and in the years ahead.

It was the year 1998 when I first heard about Bluepoint. It took me two decades to have an opportunity to experience up-close and personal their teaching methodology. We were molded to re-think, re-organize and re-build!

Currently, our backbone is shifting from traditional proprietary solutions towards Linux. "Freedom, Friends, Features, First" and its flavors exist to provide us with rational opportunities and results! Front-end systems are now part of our roadmap to complement the very heart of our infrastructure.

Using Six Sigma and Lean helped our company to be aware that Open Source solutions have very high return on investment with very minimal cost.

Thumbs-up and cheers to Bluepoint, Total Linux Class Batch 46, and especially to Sir Engels!

Alvin C. Abuke
Borland Development Corporation