Jovito Salonga


Jovito Reyes Salonga
June 22, 1920 - March 10, 2016

Senate President
July 27, 1987 - January 1, 1992

Trustee Emeritus
Bluepoint Foundation

"In our history as a nation, our best years were when we took our destiny in our own hands and faced the uncertain future with boldness and hope and faith."

"If we are to earn the respect of others, we should neither wish to be a showcase, nor be a cheap imitation of any kind. Nor should we try to build ourselves in anybody's image."

"After walking through the valley of the shadow of death twice in my life, titles and positions do not mean that much to me anymore. What is more important is to be of real service to our people, with or without any position in government."

"Independence, like freedom, is never granted, it is always asserted and affirmed. It is a daily struggle that may never end - for as long as we live."