Total Linux 3

The Total Linux "Masters of Disaster" graduates from Bluepoint.

Taking on three typhoons, an earthquake, and a flash flood, the group completed more than 90 hours of theoretical and applied Linux from June 13 to August 5, 2000.

Prior to enrolling in the Total Linux course of the Bluepoint Institute of Higher Technology Foundation, these MODs have already been exposed to the Linux operating system. Arvin San Andres is a Linux Network Consultant at the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP). Alexander Pana from Electronic Information Solutions, Inc. (EISI) and Albert Joseph Pama of PhilCast Technology, Inc. previously took Linux Modules I and II, respectively, from IPhil Communications Network Inc. Rito Neil Yee from Negros Oriental Arts & Heritage of Dumaguete City, was introduced to Linux by German Professor, Dr. Christian Schales at the Silliman University. The course was handled by Engels Antonio.